We are looking for Judges!  

The minimum requirements to be a judge are that you are interested in science or engineering, with a basic understanding of the scientific process, and want to encourage students on their path towards a positive science identity! Undergraduate and graduate students in scientific fields are especially welcome to join! In the past, Lead Judges have been active or retired scientists, engineers, and other professionals, many with a Masters, Ph.D. or equivalent experience. However, formal educational training in a science or engineering domain is not required.

To register as a judge, please go to https://ca-scc.zfairs.com and create an account as a judge to select your preferred content areas.

Breakfast, Lunch and training will be provided!

We also have volunteer opportunities from March 7th - March 8th!  Check those out on the Volunteers Page!

Judge Register for Zfairs

How to Register as a Judge on Zfairs

Judging Circles

Judging Circles

SEP Rubric 2024

Judges Rubrics

The Human Element of Judging

Human Element of Judging

Judges Guided Discussion.docx

Guided Discussion Prompts

Sentence frames for feedback resources:

Feedback Stems

Judge Training Video 1- Intro to Judging

Judge Training Video 2- Approach to Judging