Scientific (Safety) Review Committee (SRC)

Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

All Secondary (Grades 6-12) Science Fair Projects Must have Forms 1, 1A, 1B and a research or project plan.  Some Projects require additional forms. Please see the SRC Forms Flow Chart  or Forms Wizard for additional forms that may be needed.

Form 1 should be completed with either a guardian, teacher or a researcher that will supervise the student during the project.  

ALL students must follow Safety Regulations! 

** Important guidelines for safety... 

As an ISEF Affiliated fair, all projects must follow and abide by the the Safety Regulations at the International Rules for Pre-college Science Research

 Safety Regulations apply to ALL students, though only grades 6-12 must submit SRC paperwork. Please see Scientific Review Page for more information**

An Overview of Forms  can assist with how to fill out required forms

**Secondary Students: Projects MUST receive SRC approval PRIOR to experimentation! Failure to do so may invalidate your project from awards or further competitions!** 

Submit SRC Forms for Pre-approval Here

Safety Forms 101

SRC Forms FAQ's


SRC Required Forms flow chart

Science Fair Paperwork Reference Guide 2023-2024 Final.pdf

Science Fair Paperwork Reference Guide

(from ISEF/JIC)

For Definitions and Explanation of forms, see the Rules and Regulations, beginning on page 5 

ISEF safety forms24.pdf

Fillable Safety Forms from ISEF


SRC Pre-approval Process and Important Reminders

SRC Forms Templates for Project Proposals

Scientific Safety Review Commitee Descripton